PicoWay Laser

The PicoWay system is one of the newest and non-ablative laser systems. It’s particularly advantageous in treating –

  • Removal of unwanted tattoos.
  • Improving texture of acne scars.
  • Removal of benign pigmented lesions such as freckles and age spots.
  • Reducing wrinkles and pore size. In addition, it can achieve skin tightening by promoting new dermal collagen and elastin synthesis.

Picosecond technology allows for highly efficacious laser therapy but with significantly less downtime and epidermal damage compared to traditional lasers. However, depending on the individual patient and the goals of treatment, several sessions may be required.

PicoWay Laser| Frequently Asked Questions

1. Taking off tattoos. Tattoo ink is broken up within the dermis by the picosecond pulses of the PicoWay laser system while the epidermis is left unaffected. Various skin types and a wide range of ink colors can be safely removed with the PicoWay laser. Leading tattoo removal service providers prefer PicoWay because of its proven effectiveness and safety.

2. Removing dark spots: Sunspots, black spots, and other benign pigmented lesions are frequent on many different body parts and skin types. Some of these spots are caused by sun damage, while others result from hormone fluctuations. For instance, melasma is a mask-like region of discolored skin that can develop during or after pregnancy. Home remedies for these diseases are frequently unsuccessful and may contain harmful chemicals. Skin clarity can be safely restored with PicoWay.

3. Smoothing skin texture and wrinkles: Wrinkles are partially brought on by collagen loss in the skin. The PicoWay system has a resolve applicator, a needle-free, non-invasive wrinkle treatment solution with impressive results. PicoWay Resolve safely sends the ultra-brief laser pulses beneath the epidermis and into the dermis. Small spaces are created by the picosecond laser pulses, which also promote collagen and elastin synthesis. This enables the skin to tighten and swell, addressing the wrinkles and folds associated with aged skin.

4. Removal of Acne scars: Nearly 40% of acne sufferers develop scarring, often varying degrees. The skin’s loss of collagen causes most of these scars, and the PicoWay laser can help with that. The PicoWay laser uses extremely brief pulses to induce a photoacoustic effect within the dermis while leaving the skin’s surface intact. Meanwhile, when the formation of collagen and elastin is simultaneously encouraged, small gaps begin to appear within the dermis. 94% of the treated acne scar sites improved in clinical research studies of this treatment, and patients expressed high satisfaction with the care they received.

PicoWay laser makes it possible to target tattoo ink or natural pigmentation beneath the skin’s surface using extremely fast, picosecond energy pulses. These intense pulses will break the pigment into minute particles, which the body may naturally eliminate. Additionally, PicoWay encourages the development of collagen and elastin in your skin, giving you a younger, more vibrant appearance.


The PicoWay system can provide two different treatments depending on the type of handpiece used:

PicoWay Zoom: The handpiece addresses the skin’s pigment. This undesirable pigment may develop naturally, like sunspots, or be purposefully added through tattooing.

PicoWay Resolve: The laser is divided into 100 identical beams spaced evenly apart. This procedure makes microscopic holes under the skin, which your body will fill with collagen and elastin on its own.

PicoWay side effects are usually temporary and expected as part of laser therapy. There is little to no downtime for patients, and patients may occasionally apply a topical anesthetic to increase comfort during the procedure. More frequent adverse effects are redness, swelling, pinpoint bleeding, tingling, and purplish areas. However, these effects vary according to the treatment you receive

The care you receive will determine how PicoWay feels. Those having tattoos removed are likely to feel some discomfort during the procedure. However, most PicoWay Resolve patients reported minimal to no pain during treatment for wrinkles and minimal discomfort during treatment for acne scars.

The cost of PicoWay laser Arcadia treatment varies depending on the type of treatment, the size of the treatment area, the number of treatment sessions, and other considerations. A treatment session may cost anywhere from $300 to $1000. The projected cost will depend on your condition and can only be given to you by your doctor. The cost of treating a larger area, such as a huge tattoo, is generally expected to be more than that of treating a small tattoo or dark spot.

Depending on the condition being treated, you might start feeling better as soon as the first session. Usually, several therapy sessions are required. According to a clinical trial of benign pigmented lesions, 87% of lesions had at least an excellent response after two treatments (more than 50% had a good or better response).

We are dedicated to enhancing natural beauty and wellness from the inside out. We use state-of-the-art medical equipment to boost each patient’s confidence. The PicoWay laser Arcadia is an excellent option for treating skin damage caused by aging, exposure to the sun, or acne. It can also be used to remove unwanted tattoos, improve appearance on camera, or revitalize one’s appearance as one moves into new phases of personal or professional life. We can assist you with whatever objectives you may have.

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