H.F. Cindy Hsiao, OD & Licensed Esthetician

Founder of Eye Candy Vision & Beauty Clinic

Dr. Hsiao is a big advocate for gender equality and women’s empowerment. Since graduating from the University of Houston College of Optometry in 2008, Dr. Hsiao has been practicing full-scope optometry, providing eye care to all age groups. Dr. Hsiao also has a bachelor’s degree in nutritional science from the University of Texas at Austin and enjoys combining her knowledge in optometry, nutrition, and aesthetics for patient education when it comes to skincare and vision health.

Dr. Hsiao started out as a skincare junkie in her early 20’s, experimenting with various kind of skincare products on the market but gravitated towards Botox and prescription tretinoin in her mid 30’s. Now in her 40’s, as a licensed esthetician, Dr. Hsiao believes anti-aging defense needs to start at the cellular level, with an emphasis on what you put inside your body (the food, nutrients and supplements you consume) and what you put on the outside (the skincare products you use and aesthetic procedures). Most importantly, Dr. Hsiao believes a healthy and balanced lifestyle, good quality sleep, stress management, and cardiovascular fitness and exercises are all essential factors to give you a youthful, confident glow.

Danny Chang, MD

Co-Founder of Eye Candy Vision & Beauty Clinic
Medical Director & Master Injector

Dr. Chang grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area where, as a boy, he delighted in exploring Berkeley, Oakland and other parts of the East Bay while never wearing sunscreen except on the rare occasion of going to the beach. He graduated from UC Berkeley in 1996, and attended Vanderbilt University Medical School as a Canby Robinson scholar. He completed his residency in Emergency Medicine at Los Angeles County / University of Southern California, during which time he discovered all kinds of new spots on his face and concluded that the Southern California sun was much more powerful than any other, learning for the first time that sunscreen is important. Dr. Chang has a particular interest in fine art. Having many daughters and nieces, he also strongly believes in the empowerment of women and making the world a safer, better and more just place for women.

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